2023-2024 Season

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ABOUT Ponoka Recreational Hockey


What is Ponoka Fun Team Hockey?

Ponoka Fun Team Hockeyis a member of FunTeam Alberta which aims to foster, through active leadership, the participation in sport for children and youth, in an atmosphere where enjoyment is maximized for all and the cost associated with equipment, facility use and participation is minimized.  FunTeam Alberta was founded in 1990 by Dr. Randy Gregg. He saw a need for a community based, low cost, and less competitive sporting opportunities for children and their parents. As a result, Dr. Gregg and some of his colleagues formed FunTeam Alberta.

Ponoka Fun Team Hockey has an emphasis on skills development, team play, and fun, and is about our youth being able to enjoy a healthy activity in a safe environment regardless of skill and ability.   We want players to feel comfortable learning hockey without having to worry about "not being good enough or having pressure to win every game". They have an opportunity to grow and improve at a rate comfortable to them and in a positive environment. They learn respect, sportsmanship, and citizenship. The entire program is run by volunteers and made affordable to families.  The time commitment for families is 1 practice a week and 1 – 2 games per month from October to March. Away games and tournaments are optional. This allows families to do other activities whether they are family, church, school, or community based, thus not having to give up or sacrifice these things because they are committed to one sport or activity, which in turn encourages our youth to become well rounded individuals.

In Ponoka Fun Team Hockey "Everyone is a Winner". As we have heard over the years from more than one family, "Ponoka Fun Team Hockey is a breath of fresh air"!